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Welcome to College Bowl Pick' Em 2003

January 5

With LSU's 21-14 victory over Oklahoma Steven Sparks takes this years Bowl Pick Em. Thank you to everyone for playing. I know I look forward to winning next year.

January 3

At this point it is almost definitly down to McBride, who leads by one point and has Tulsa and Oklahoma and Sparks, with Georgia Tech and LSU. I believe the tiebreaker would go to Sparks but will have to check with Battle or Brad on that.

January 2

Sparks and McBride are holding onto the lead. Big game tonight as far as the tiebreaks are concerned. A Tennessee win would give Sparks the tiebreak edge with his top four all winners. Five people hanging one game back (Mac, Battle, Leark, Wren and C Thompson). I am in mourning for the Wolverines. USC deseves the title.

December 31

An 0-3 night for the early leader, Sparks, has brought him back to the pack. Three are tied for the lead (Mac, Leahy, and Sparks) with most everyone else within striking distance. There are thirteen within two of the lead and twenty four within four of the lead with fifteen games left.

December 27

Sparks has a solid early two game victory.

December 24

Merry Christmas. I have recieved feedback that the player summary sheet would be better if you could see different players next to each other. Here is an excel spreadsheet you may download. You can then hid columns to see players picks next to each other.


Also, my apologies for getting the game wrong last night. Fixed this morning. The howls of protest were damning.

December 23

And then there were two...left with a perfect record. Nine with one loss. Also notable is Harrick, Glazer/Lowboy, and Cohen in last.

December 19

Down to five people with a perfect record after only two games.

December 17

The first game is over with twelve players taking Memphis. The most important thing obviosuly is that Neil has started a new streak.

Also I have added a message board so that we can talk smack if so desired.

Message Board

December 16

No more entries are being accepted as Memphis and North Texas kick off. It looks like 27 contestants for a grand total of $2,025.

Good Luck.

  • Pick all 28 Bowl Games against the spread plus the tiebreak of your top 5 best bets and predicted score of the Sugar Bowl. You will get 5 points for your 1st best bet, 4 pts for your 2nd….and 1 pt for your 5th. In the event of a tie, the person with the most points wins. If still tied, closest score wins.
  • The fee is $75 (or less than $3 per game, which netted the winner last year about $1500) is payable to: [email protected] via paypal ($78 using Paypal) with a debit or credit card. Or you can send a check snail mail to Bradley Cohen: 5806 Howe St., 7R, Pittsburgh, PA 15232
  • You will be able to track your standings daily on this website. The first game is the New Orleans Bowl on Tuesday night at 7:00 pm EST. That is the deadline for joining and payment should be submitted upon completing your entry.

Past Champions

  • Chris Williams (2002)
  • Rocky Stone (2001)


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